Beetle Frenzy

Beetle Frenzy is a nine reel slot that adds some retro style to the Online gaming experience with its easy game play and charming graphics. The game itself is based around a garden theme that includes a number of plant options and creepy crawlies that are used for both the background and some of the symbols of the slot. The background of the game is itself used to create the feeling of being in a physical casino and provide the player with the feeling of being in one of the classic casinos of the past. Entertaining graphics and a simple set of symbols to understand make this the perfect slot for experienced and novice players alike with the pay table explaining the jackpot and payout options available with the touch of a button. The basic premise of the game is to match a series of symbols on one of the five available pay lines available with this slot.

Bonus rounds can be accessed easily with the spinning of the blue flower symbol, which offer the jackpot payout when they appear in each of the nine reels available. Free spins become available with all nine blue flowers that are stopped by the player hitting the button and waiting for the reels to slow to a stop. A number of other bonus features are also available, which include the bug collector game that is accessed by stopping the reels with three bug jars in place. This feature brings the player to another screen where they are faced with a number of bug jars holding specific prizes of features that are hidden until the player makes their choice. Matching symbols at the four corners of the slot activates another bonus spin feature that is available to spin a reel and complete a wining combination across the middle reels.

There are a number of other options and features available that can be accessed when specific symbols appear on the screen. The golden apple is perhaps the most important symbol a player can see on their game screen, even when it is not on a winning pay line. If two or more of the golden apples appear on the screen the symbols act as wild symbols that are scattered across the screen to complete any winning combination. The lightning bug works in a similar way, but must appear in a winning combination to substitute for the missing symbols. The lightning bug cannot be used to substitute for access to an additional feature, such as the bug jars that provide access to the bonus game.

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