Blood Suckers

Vampires are everywhere you look these days. In movies, TV, and maybe even lurking in the dark shadows near your home is where you’ll find these elusive prey. Even if you aren’t a big fan of vampires you can probably enjoy Blood Suckers just because it’s a lot of fun. This free slot machine, from Netent, is popular with slot machine players worldwide.

Blood Suckers is a fun free slot machine that features 5-reels, 3-rows, and 25-bet lines. The game supports multiple coin options as well as features Free spins, scatter wins, and wild substitutes. Best of all is the amazing Bonus Game that is sure to great fun for vampire slayers everywhere.

Players can play any of 1 to 25 bet lines at 4 different levels. Easy to use game settings are available when you click on the wrench icon in the lower left of the display. If you need any help at all, simply click on the “?” and you can find detailed information about every aspect of gameplay for Blood Suckers. Blood Suckers support advanced AutoPlay. Players can select several settings which assures smooth playing in unattended mode.

Other settings include the ability to turn off sound effects, ambience sound. You can also check your game history to see how well you played.

Check Out The Bonuses In Blood Suckers

Scatter Symbols in the game include the Vampire Bride and the Wooden Stake. These symbols do not have to line up neatly in a line in order for you to win. When a bonus round begins the player will find himself in an ancient burial chamber surrounded by many coffins. In order to win the player has to find the vampires and slay them. Each slain vampire yields free coins. This Bonus Game goes on until bats finally fly out of the coffin, signally the game has ended. There is only one chance per round of winning the Bonus Game.

Blood Suckers Has A 98% Payout Percentage

You have an excellent chance to win when you play Blood Suckers. Vampire hunting is a high stakes game. In fact, Blood Suckers is a multi-stake video slot machine which allows for bonus rounds which occur often. The potential for winning a prize is large. Using the standard one coin per line wager, players can win a truly impressive 7,500 coins.

If two scatter symbols turn up during any spin you can win a cash prize. The more scatter symbols that appear, the higher the cash prize. Things get even better when you spin three of these symbols at once. Not only will you received a cash prize but you will also win 10 more free spins. Even better, during these three 10 spins your prizes are subject to a 10x multiplier! Now you know just how profitable vampire hunting really can be. That explains why Buffy worked so hard, doesn’t it?

Blood Suckers is an outstanding free video slot machine. The game is well-designed and is high-paying. If you haven’t played Blood Suckers yet it’s time you gave it a try. This is another slot machine that you should add to your ‘to do’ list immediately. Big prizes, free spins, scattered coffins, and the Vampire Bride all add to the excitement. Give Blood Suckers a try today.

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