The Elements:the Awakening video slots offers exceptionally high quality modern animation and visual imagery and a fast-paced, exciting game. It combines elements of traditional slots play with contemporary, sleek video games.

The four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water figure prominently in the theme. All of the symbols in the game reflect this unifying idea. The game embodies each of the elements using a highly abstracted animated animal-inspired character: a giant rock-filled bull represents earth elements, a flying avian-like create signifies air elements, a lion composed of fire depicts the fire elements and a undersea creature denotes water elements. Screens in the game display each of these figures in short vignettes, using powerful graphic design features which retain player interest and keep the slots game moving forward at a quick pace.

Bonus Rounds

The game offers several complex bonus round features, which center upon a unique component called an Avalanche, several wild symbols and an Energy Meter trigger button. In these respects, the Elements:the Awakening differs significantly from many classic slots games.

Whenever a winning combination of symbols falls across an activated pay line, the combo triggers an Avalanche. The winning symbols simply explode on the screen, to be replaced by additional symbols which cascade downwards from the top of the display. Sometimes these new replacement symbols also cause winning combinations to occur, resulting in repeated Avalanches. This aspect of the game creates a very fast-paced tempo.

When four Avalanches occur in succession, the game switches to a “Free Fall” Mode in which wild card symbols may occur during the course of ten free spins. Each element possesses one or more unique wild symbols that may cross the screen at this time. Each wild symbol differs somewhat from the others. Any of the wild symbols may substitute for icons in the game to form winning combination across activated pay lines.

The fire wild symbol appears on the second, third or fourth reel and it may change icons adjoining it into wilds, also. The water wild symbol expands into additional wilds. The earth wild “sticks” around during three successive Avalanches in the game. The air wild occurs randomly. When these symbols become active during free spins, the potential for winning a jackpot in the game increases. A chest icon in the game will randomly turn into one of the elemental wild symbols.

The game also possesses an Energy Meter linked to a trigger button. Symbol combinations cause it to illuminate in sections; when the entire meter glows, the event launches bonus wild symbols.

Game Detail

The non-progressive five reel game provides 20 pay lines. It offers some interesting one of a kind features. The outstanding graphical design lends “Elements: the Awakening” a current, almost surreal quality. With the potential to earn many points (or in some places, coins) and a fast, exhilarating pace, this slots video game appeals to numerous players. Younger players accustomed to many vivid animations will likely especially enjoy this slots.

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