King Arthur

King Arthur is a video slot machine that is created by none other than Microgaming. It is a very exciting non progressive video slot machine that has five spinning reels and a total number of 20 lines. This means that players will have a total of 20 chances to achieve a winning payout in order to earn a payout according to the paytable of the video slot machine. The game has a very exciting and a unique theme as it is themed around the great king, Arthur and his legendary sword, the Excalibur. This is not the first game that has such theme as Microgaming has another game with the same theme, it is entitled Avalon.

Since the game is powered by Microgaming, players can rest assures that all of the graphics will be of the highest quality and that the game will be accompanied by amazing sound effects as well as a long list of rewarding features so players can enjoy a lucrative gambling experience. The symbols that appear on the reels and lines of the game include a young prince, King Arthur himself, a young princess, an old queen, the Excalibur sword, jewels, a crown, a castle, a chalice and the Excalibur in the rocks. The symbols also include card symbols that are crafted in a way to be fitting to the theme of the game.

Players can place their wagers at the bottom of the reels. They will see a number of colored buttons that allow players to place their wagers as well as spinning the reels to initiate the game. Players will specify the number of lines that players want to activate. Players can either click on the Lines button to select the number of lines or players can click on the lines at the reels of the game to activate them. Players will also toggle between the + and – buttons in order to specify the value of the coins that they want to use to place such wagers. Lastly, players will select the number of these coins that they wish to place on each winning line that they have activated. Players can also click on Max bet to place the biggest bet and spin the reels at the same time.

Players will be able to win great prizes through line payout as soon as the reels stop spinning. Players can find about these winnings through the paytable of the game. The paytable will also show players all of the special symbols and rewarding bonuses that the game offers. The King Arthur portrait is the wild symbol that can replace any of the other symbols that appear on the lines and reels of the game. Any winnings that are created by this wild symbol will be doubled. The poor man symbol is also wild but it will not multiply the winnings. The Excalibur sword in the rocks is the scatter symbol that can give generous scattered rewards to lucky players depending on the number of scatter symbols that appear on the reels and lines of the game.

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