Moonshine 2

Moonshine is no longer just an alcoholic drink, its a new slot machine game! Moonshine 2 offers players 5 reels and has the possibility of making you become addicted to it, just like the real stuff! This game is full of all kinds of symbols that will remind you of actual moonshine that you will actually think you are drinking it while you play!
Moonshine 2 has such symbols as an old lady in a rocking chair and she is the wild symbol of the game. Any seasoned player will know that the wild symbol allows them to pick any other symbol on the board and replace it with one of their choice, thus helping them win the game. Other symbols include other hillbilly looking people and moonshine ingredients. These are not the most important symbols, however, because the ones that you really want to see are the half-empty bottles of moonshine because three of them in a row will give you access to the bonus game. In the bonus round you will get a chance to win free spins and a 4X multiplayer.

Don’t freak out if you see the sheriff show up! Sure in real life this would mean something bad was about to happen, but in this game, it means that you have just won a scatter symbol and it can actually help you get a chance at the bonus round and multiplayers.

You will never have more fun making moonshine than when you play this game. It keeps things exciting and new and you will not get bored. The best part is that playing Moonshine 2 slot machine game will not land you in jail like making real moonshine would do! So give this game a whirl today and be prepared to have a blast! Make that moonshine you crazy buck-toothed hillbilly and make it right or Granny may just have to whack you over the head with her cane! Come on and play this exciting game today and discover just how fun doing something illegal in a game can be so long as you don’t do it in real life!

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