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Terms of Service:

All of the terms that you will find in this document are subject to change by the management of the website whenever they think it is necessary. Such changes can happen without any requirement to notify you of these changes whether before they take place or even after the change is implemented. The nature of such change can include minor changes to the existing ones as well as major ones. It can also include the addition of new terms as well as removing any of the present ones.

FreeSpins.ms will never condone any use of this site by those considered problem gamblers.  You are asked to refer to our resource page to find assistance with problem gambling.

FreeSpins.ms is not responsible for any conduct of other websites that the website can occasionally link to. Once you click on any of these links in order to go to these websites, you are on your own. These websites can use cookies as well as offer you content other than what was viewed on FreeSpins.ms.

The website will offer you content that will assist you in your research purpose only. The website can and will provide external websites with services such as published content and possibly advertisements.

It is your responsibility and duty to check the local laws and regulations of your own jurisdiction when it comes to what this website has to offer.

It is important to know that once you open this website in order to view any of its content or to use any of the services that the website provides; it means that you approve of all of the terms in this document. Therefore, if you have any trouble with any of these terms, you should avert away from using and accessing the research content on this site.


FreeSpins.ms offers a lot of content that comes in various forms for its customers. This content includes different forms including text content, media content and interactive content. All of this content is there to aid the visitors with their research purposes only and it all belongs entirely to FreeSpins.ms or the respective copyright holders. Therefore, the website is free to implement any changes to this content due to the changing nature of the industry. These changes can occur at any time without notifying the users.

The website only uses cookies which are generated by the server to monitor statistical data.  No other cookies are used on this site except for those which return website traffic information to our server. But, the website is not responsible for users once they head to any of the external websites through the provided links. These external websites can use cookies. This is why we are not to be held accountable for the actions of any users once they click on the links and go to any external website.

The website, nor its owners or managers, are not responsible for viewing the different rules of different countries; it is the responsibility of its visitors.

The website can offer specific services and publish content for other websites such as casino reviews or articles in exchange for payment.  This is to notify our readers that our content is generally unbiased; however, some content displayed on our website is there for marketing or advertising purposes.

All of the terms that are listed on this page can be changed at any given time without having to notify the users with such changes both before and after the change takes place. The website can add new terms whenever it sees fit as well as removing or editing any of the existing ones.

Once the users access the website, they are giving their approval of all of the terms that can be found on this page as well as the terms that are featured in the Privacy Policy page. This is why any users who have any issues with any of the terms should not access the website or use any of its services.


FreeSpins.ms offers various types of content to its users. All the offered content fully belongs to the website and it has the right to edit it, delete it or add to it whenever it sees fit. This content includes media content, interactive content and other forms of non-interactive content including text. FreeSpins.ms will also provide other websites with services and may publish content for marketing purposes. All of the content on offer on the website is here to aid people in their research purpose.

It is important for the reader to understand that this website is not in any way responsible for the actions of readers viewing or abiding by the local laws of each jurisdiction or country. This is why the visitors of FreeSpins.ms should read and understand the rules and regulations of the jurisdiction they are in before accessing this website and before the use of any of its services.

All of the terms that are mentioned in the document can be changed at any time. This change can occur without any announcements or notifications. These changes can include the removal of some terms as well as adding new ones. It also includes the modification of any of the above mentioned terms.

The users who have any problems with any of these terms should not engage in the use of FreeSpins.ms in any possible way.