Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Terms:

Before getting into the terms of the privacy policy, users have to know two main points. The first point is that all of these terms are subject to sudden and planned changes at anytime whenever‘s management sees fit. The management can change the terms without having to notify the users of these changes before or after they are implemented. These changes include minor modifications as well as major modifications. It can also include adding new terms as well as deleting any of the existing ones.

The second thing is that once users open the website in order to view any of the offered content or use any of the provided services, it means that they are giving their approval of all of these terms.

The website will never obligate users to provide any personal information during their stay on the website. The users have to give any information on their own will. This is why the users will provide this info willingly whenever they want to create an account on the website that would enable them to interact and be more involved in the website.

Information that the users may be asked to provide in order to create an account includes billing address, email address, full name, credit card information and banking details, among other information.

The users can rest assured that this information is protected and safeguarded 24/7 against any hacking attempts. The website will not share this info with other websites or third parties but it will share it with subsidiaries and partners. It does that in order to be able to provide the users with the services they need such as client support as well as delivering what the users have purchased at the website.

FREESPINS.MS will ask its users to provide a set of personal information and data during their stay on the website. On the other hand, it is optional for these users to provide such info. This is because the users are free to enjoy all of the pages of this website without having to create an account or provide the website with any information but once they wish to interact with the website and become more involved, they will have to create an account. In order to create such an account, they will have to fill in a sign up form that the website will provide.

The information that will be asked in this Sign Up form includes a username, first name, last name, physical address, email address alongside other information. The users who wish to purchase any kind of service or product from THIS_WEBSITE; they will need to provide additional information such as banking details, billing address and credit card information.

The website will use such information to do various things. These things include providing its users with customer & technical support, delivering the products & the services that the users have purchased and to identify each individual user.

FREESPINS.MS will not sell such information to any third party to external website but it will share it with its partners and affiliates in order to provide the visitors with various services.

The website will only be obligated to share and disclose the private information of its customers with legal authorities who approach FREESPINS.MS with a legal warrant that requires it to reveal such information.

All of the terms on this page can be changed at any time without any prior notice to the users whenever the management of FREESPINS.MS sees fit.

FREESPINS.MS assures all of its users that their private information that they have provided to the website are safeguarded and protected against hacking attempts and theft. The website uses advanced encryption technology and protection systems in order to safeguard the data.

The users can also rest assured that the provided information will not be sold to external websites or third parties at any cost. FREESPINS.MS will only share the private data of its users with its affiliated websites and subsidiaries in order to be able to provide its customers with customer support services as well as delivering the products or the services that the users have bought off the website. The website will be obligated to disclose the personal information of its users if it is approached by a legal authority according to the law and asked it to reveal the information of specific users.

If the users open the website in order to view any of the offered content or use any service, it means that they are approving of every term in this page as well as the terms in the TOS page.

The personal information that users will provide include first & last name, email address, billing address, physical address, banking information and credit card info among others. The users will provide the website with such data through polls, sign up forms and surveys. Any information that FREESPINS.MS will gather has to be provided by the knowledge of the users, as the website will never gather data without the knowledge of its users.

Any of the content that the users will upload onto FREESPINS.MS can be edited or removed by the management of the website if it finds it to be harmful or in any way abusive to other users.