Robo Jack

Robo Jack, the next wonderful new spinner game that is taking the slot players by storm. This game is ingenious and colorful. The eye popping reels offer three different icons on each reel. The goal of this spinning game is to match 3 or more of the icons in a consecutive way. Robots and other symbols line up with more than 200 ways to win.

Bonus Rounds

The opportunity for free spins will appear when certain symbols add up to 3 on the reels. There are also robot areas that give the player rewards and winnings. The free spins automatically add up when matches appear on the reels. These free spins or offerings can add up to loads of cash. The free spins uncover many different prizes in the shape of the robots that appear on the screen. Under each one there is a different surprise awaiting your discovery. Some have more free chances to win by offering increasing numbers of spins. Others appear showing that the winnings will multiply by random amounts. The best game and play experiences can be part of the free slot games that micro-gaming is a part. These video slots will keep you pushing the button.

Extra spins and extra wild cards appear to give the ultimate in winning credits. Scatters pay up to 10 times the amounts that you can originally win. There is also the possibility of retriggers to play times 3. Five of a kind is very possible on these spins and can amount to loads of cash in the pocket. These bonus rounds and triggers will pay the ultimate and earn you a lot of cash.

Game Detail

The Robo Jack theme is around robots and other colorful symbols that spin on 5 reels. There is a total of 15 icons that appear on each spin. Each spin of the reel gives the player the chance to win one of over 200 combinations. The pay outs range from $.25 to a nice amount of change. Betting 10 coins gives the maximum jackpot on wins. Each player has the opportunity to play for free or to place their own bets by using real money. Payouts come in the form of real cash when playing for real.

There are many colorful icons or symbols that appear on the screen. Each of the 5 reels offers 3 different symbols. The bright colors range from florescent blues and greens to purples and reds and golds that pop. There are coin chests of golden tokens that can appear on any of the reels. Of course the name sake Robo Jack is one of the symbols that pays. Dollar signs, signs representing the robot and of course letters will appear on the screens. These symbols spin and appear in over 243 combinations, helping the player to win on each roll. The Micro-gaming machinery offers this game on free slots and is available to play for free or with real money. No matter if you wish to play for fun or for profit, this game is sure to catch the eye of many players. The sights and sounds will excite on each spin.

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