Roulette – HighRoller

Roulette High Roller is a regular roulette game that is powered by Net Entertainment and it follows the rules of French roulette. This is why there are only 37 number slots on the wheel with one single 0. The game is dedicated to high rollers, hence the name of the game. This is why players will be able to place high wagers on the numbers, higher than the usual roulette versions. The game’s visuals are crystal clear and they are accompanied by an amazing soundtrack that can be heard at Las Vegas casinos. All of this helps in adding to the realism of the game so players can really enjoy the game.

Players will find the wooden roulette wheel on the left side and the green wagering are on the right side. In order for players to begin, they will place their bets by choosing a chip size. These chips can be found at the bottom right side. Each chip size has its own color. Players will click on them then place them on the numbers they wish to bet on at the wagering area. Players will find plenty of options including the normal bets that can be found at any roulette table such as black, reds, odds, evens, 1st half and second half as well as other unique bets that are only offered at this game. Once players finish, they can click on spin so the wheel can start spinning alongside the ball. Once players get their wins, they will be able to place new bets.

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