Untamed Crowned Eagle

A relatively recent addition to developer Microgaming’s “Untamed” series, the Crowned Eagle series is a non-progressive five reel slots game that offers players 243 ways to win. Icons are represented by graphics that resemble wildlife photography of this actual bird, and are represented by eagles in flight, eagles in their nest, an eagle eye, etc. Other icons are represented by letters and numbers. The game also includes animation, sound effects, a nature soundtrack, an automatic spin feature, and a complete pay table. The coin value in this game ranges between .01 and .05 cents. Minimum betting is 30 coins per spin, and the game’s maximum bid is six hundred coins per spin. The coin value can be changed by players with a game feature called My Gamble. Because the game’s plot deals with wild animals, every spin made with a Crowned Eagle icon is a wild one, and this game also offers free spins, in addition to symbols that can act as scatter ones. This game also offers a “Lucky Nudge” feature that helps players line up stubborn icons in perfect formation in order to get a three of a kind, which also allows players a chance to increase the jackpot level by one. The game also offers players chances to change random symbols into special wild ones that can increase the jackpot’s value by ten.

Game Details

The game’s “plot” has players observing the eagle as it moves throughout its day in its natural environment. The game’sĀ Eagle Eye icon acts as its Scatter Symbol, and if a player lands on this icon three times, no matter its location on a reel, the player is entitled to ten Free Spins. The Eye does not have to be on adjacent reels for this to happen, but the Eye must fully appear on the reel to be credited. To this end, a player may use The Lucky Nudge. The game’s Untamed: The Wild logo acts as a wild symbol when it appears, and each time it appears, an icon appears beneath it. If a player can collect four of these icons, the entire reel becomes wild, and the player is entitled to four wild spins, which increases the chances of jackpot winning.

Bonus Round

Crowned Eagle lacks a bonus round, but does offer players its Soaring Wild option. If players land on the icon featuring the flying eagle icon, their spin becomes a randomized wild one, with the ability to increase an existing jackpot by ten. If a player bets the maximum amount per spin and hits the right multiplier icons, then he or she could win the game’s maximum jackpot of 90,000 coins.

Is Untamed Crowned Eagle Worth Playing?

Like all the games in the “Untamed” series, this game’s graphics and animation are eye-catching and pleasing, though perhaps not at the same level as earlier entries. The My Gamble and Nudge features will appeal to novice players as will the ability to win without lining up three consecutive images, increasing the chances of winning. While this spin appears seldom, when it does, players are almost guaranteed a return, making this adventure in the great out of doors very profitable for some players.

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