Wild Turkey

The Wild Turkey video game presents a cartoon motif theme of a tribe of colorful wild turkeys residing in an exotic locale, where they meet around a campfire by night; these birds maintain impressive, carved wooden turkey idols. Drum and pipe music playing softly in the background as the game proceeds reinforce the general theme of a distant, mysterious primitive location.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus features in the game center around the opportunity to win free spins and participate in Stacked Wilds play. The free spin provisions remain quite generous, in fact.

The wooden turkey idol symbols function in the game as wild symbols which, when they appear in the reels, in the correct location can complete a winning combination of icons. The “wild card” symbol can be substituted into a jackpot formations for other symbols in the game. Whenever three of them appear, the player wins the chance to participate in ten free spins. Four of these icons produce 30 free spins. Five wooden turkey idols appearing in the reels will provide the player with 60 free spins!

Additionally, during the free spin rounds (and only then), players enjoy stacked wild symbols. The carved wooden turkey idol icon may extend in length to completely cover one of the reels. If this happens, players gain an additional two free spins. Additionally, the wild symbol’s presence may improve a player’s chance of obtaining a payout, if other symbols line up in a lucky formation.

Players know very clearly when they have triggered free spin play. The screen changes briefly to show several turkeys sitting in a circle around an evening camp fire. The message that the player has earned a series of free spins also appears written on the screen.

Game Detail

Although the images of many symbols in the game appear cartoon-like, these visual images display very well. The turkey characters appear in several difference colors, and each drawing conveys a unique, memorable figure. The illustrations in the slots lend interest to the game. Prominent symbols include a blue and white turkey, a gray turkey wearing goggles, a golden turkey, a green turkey and a crimson turkey holding a decorated stick.

The game is not progressive. There are five reels and a potential for 20 pay lines. When four blue and white turkeys line up along an activated pay line, the player wins 2,000 coins. If five red turkey icons do the same thing, players earn a whopping 40,000 coins.

With a large potential jackpot, and many opportunities to engage in free spin round play, the game Wild Turkey holds appeal for many slots players. This light hearted, funny slots game remains one of the most attractive slots games, in large part due to its very generous provision of bonus free spins.

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