Wish Master

The Wish Master is an online casino game for players looking to make their wishes reality! Exciting features and sleek graphics make this game a joy for young and old. Why is Wish Master is an online casino dream come true? It combinines the spontaneity of online slots with adjustable settings for those into game customization and low-risk stakes. The animation is a product of NetEnt’s new foray into a better platform with all the classic attractions of online gaming that people continue to enjoy. They have also made a remarkable portfolio of high-quality low-risk games. If you are beginning to play slot games, then a game like Wish Master is for you. A variety of base and bonus values notable in other games are also available in Wish Master. This game is also rated a 10 with VegasBet365 Casino.

NetEnt’s new Wish Master features a genie in the bottle storyline allowing online gamers to get their wishes granted when a Scatter happens. A Wish Master then appears, allowing the gamer more options for points and additional gaming opportunity. How does this happen? This feature is activated when a genie is let out of a bottle. Multipliers within this game are expanding while Wilds, positioned throughout other symbols, create a new complete reel of Wilds! Other features activated result in spin counters getting increased, allowing the other features to be activated for longer periods, resulting in a higher probability of wins! How much is there to gain exactly? You can win up to 900,000 coins along with 3 bonus features which allow 10 spins each.

The concept of a genie character is central to this game. Wish Master lives Rub the lamp until your points skyrocket, with excellent animation quality and a fun strategy, bonuses are going to keep you coming back for play. There are several ways to activate bonus rounds and obtain higher points. Not only is this game tons of fun, but its free! Developers allow great diversity of action and probability for bonus activation, which is great for low – rollers not wanting to risk high – level stakes. Colorful animation and sound design is also another fun part of the bonus rounds, allowing the player clear visual and audio signals for Scatter and the genie let loose. A player can win some substantial earnings from these slots, along with earnings from multipliers, Wilds, and Scatters!

Settings are adjustable with options for standard control features. The number coins available for use in live play, stake, and coil value are all adjustable, giving the player ultimate control over their online gaming position. If at any time you wish to increase the values in this game, its easy to do so. Auto play is an option which allows an easier play with the player being able to switch on the auto play option, then choosing what slots to play. Overall, you will find this slot game a long and enjoyable play with low-risk. The wide variety of cumulative bonuses within this game make it one of this year’s more entertaining releases by NetEnt!

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